Aditya Easy Cast Transparent Epoxy 33 – 750 grams


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Easy Cast Epoxy Resin – 33

Easy Cast Transparent Epoxy 33 can be casted into moulds of Silicone Rubber to Create Transparent Crafts, Lockets, Jewellery and Trophies. Pigments are available to make Opaque Colour Castings. It comes in Part A and Part B.


  1. Transparent
  2. It’s like water so flows into each and every corner of mould.
  3. No grinding or sanding after casting.
  4. Easy Part A 100 parts : Part B 50 parts mixing ratio.
  5. Non-Yellowing




Part A 500 grams and Part B 250 Grams. Total 750 grams.

Part A 5 kg and Part  B 2.5 kg . Total 7.50 kg.

Part A 20 kg and Part B 10 kg. Total 30 kg.



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